Swarf Mats

Our range of swarf removal mats offer outstanding value for money. If you are looking for a swarf removal mat or anti swarf mat we are sure that you will find a suitable mat within our range. if you require any assistance with your selection of swarf mats, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Swarf Mats FAQ’s

What is Swarf?

Swarf is defined as fine chippings or filings of stone, metal, or other material produced by an industrial machining operation.

What is a Swarf Mat?

A swarf mat is defined as a mat that removes swarf from shoes and boots.

Where are they used?

Swarf mats are most often used outside engineering workshops in food factories to prevent swarf from being trodden through to the food production areas, however they are also used in any area where swarf may be a problem.

Are there different types of Swarf Mat?

Yes, most swarf mats are made from nitrile rubber which offers oil resistance and come in open top and solid top options. The open top mats allow the swarf to fall through to the floor beneath so the mat may be lifted and the floor swept. The solid top mats collect the swarf which can then be vacuumed up or the mat taken outside and shaken off.

I’ve heard about sticky mats, what are these?

Sticky swarf mats have removable sticky layers that remove swarf and it the remains stuck to the top layer. When the mat is becoming less effective you simply remove the top sticky layer to reveal a new stick layer below. Refills are available for the sticky swarf mats.